This one's quiet and demure unless provoked, then the teeth are bared.


Quiet and seemingly obedient and broken by her life as an Eta, Mitasuki learned to be fierce when those who cannot defend themselves are threatened or when she, herself, is backed into a corner. She listens with an open ear, as she is not seen by most who prefer to look away from those who handle the dead. Her swords are hidden under a dark green cloak, Yumi (longbow) tucked in snugly against her side.

She is completely unremarkable upon first glance.


Daughter of an Oniko (half-orc) Undertaker, Mitasuki is a member of the Outcasts, the Eta. Having had to fight off snickering school-mates and older townsfolk for so many years, smaller-than-average Mitasuki has taken to carrying two Katanas (long swords) for protection, thought not many dare to touch her for she now deals with the bodies of the dead alongside Kyo, her father.

Keeping to themselves, the pair live on the outskirts of town, tending their own gardens, hunting their own meats. They are not poor, as the wars have provided many bodies to prepare and bury, but they do not flaunt their gains as it is seen as obscene.

They hold no allegiance to any particular ruler, the war has robbed them of any nationalism; father and daughter revere Kelemvor, the god that presides over the passage of life into death.


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