Seven years ago, Shogun Hamato Seno passed away suddenly from a mysterious illness. This left the Shogun’s nine year old son Sadaji as his only heir. The Imperial Court agreed to allow the Shogun’s deputy, Kanrei Gashō Kagetora, rule the Shogunate until the boy came of age. Enraged at this turn of events, Seno’s younger brother Hamato Senkaku searched for a daimyo who would support his crusade to become Shogun.

He found what he was looking for in the brutal and ambitious Sesshō Kippōshi. Within a year, the Sesshō forces march on Chūkyō with the purpose of installing Hamato Senkaku as Shogun. After two bloody years of fighting that left much of the Imperial City in smoldering ruins, Senkaku got his wish. The Gashō forces withdrew from the capital and Sadaji was forced into exile. Hamato Senkaku was now Shogun and his ruthless benefactor Sesshō Kippōshi was appointed Kanrei.

In the four years since Shogun Hamato Senkaku came to power, he has been unable to unify the Empire. The Shogunate holds little control beyond the borders of Chūkyō. To make matters worse, Kippōshi seems intent on reducing Senkaku to an administrative puppet, issuing a number of decrees that would expand the powers of his office while limiting the powers of the Shogun.

Many fear it is only a matter of time until Bōkoku erupts into civil war once again…


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