• Akado Kitao

    Akado Kitao

    Stripped of her humanity, Kitao seeks to find who she was - and who she is.
  • Bo Kogeki

    Bo Kogeki

    Former Warrior/Samuri
  • Gohei


    Elder of Yoshino village. An older man, very gruff and standoff-ish. He seems unconcerned with the characters and generally won’t give them the time of day.
  • Hoshin


    Yoshino’s resident priest, he has lived in the village for only a short while. Hoshin attends to the religious needs of the villagers. Prior to their defeat of the bakemono, he is reluctant to tell the characters anything about the shrine.
  • Joji


    An absent-minded boy who loves to draw cats. In the last several days he has gone missing...
  • Kenzō


    An apothecary and healer that travels in and out of Yoshino. The characters have met him before. He is very friendly and approachable, but there is more to him than meets the eye.
  • Matsukaze


    A retired geisha from Chūkyō, she is the beautiful manager of the Matsukaze Ryokan. A very elegant and reserved woman, the characters have used her ryokan dozens of times in the past.
  • Mitasuki


    This one's quiet and demure unless provoked, then the teeth are bared.
  • Rishu


    Monk sent on pilgrimage with his merchant friend, Tomo.
  • Tomoe


    A battle priest preaching for peace.