Monk sent on pilgrimage with his merchant friend, Tomo.


Sharp features, bright red hair.


Rishu was discovered near a temple as a small fox with a wounded paw. When the monks nursed him back to health, they began to notice his rapid and unusual growth and knew what he was. Seeing the arrival of the kitsune pup as a gift from the nature spirits, they took him in as one of their own and trained him as a member of the order. A rapid learner, Rishu quickly became a model student of the Way, and was charged with the defense of the temple against bandits and, in more recent times, encroaching foreign invaders.

One day, the temple’s master decided that, considering his true nature, Rishu would best be served by going on a pilgrimage to gain the world-wisdom needed to further realize his potential and possibly become the next master of the temple. The natural choice was to have him accompany his childhood friend and fellow hengeyokai, Tomo, who had grown up to become a merchant and treasure hunter. The two have been adventuring together for a few years now.


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